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All things Shōnen will forever be placed here! And I have a hefty collection. Some slash, some not, and everything in between. None of it is my own of course -though I could draw it if asked.

Guess who (or what) gets an anime adaptation? Yeah, it was expected but, CONGRATS NANATSU NO TAIZAI (AKA THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS!

I love this series, since day numero uno! And I couldn’t be happier!

If you don’t know about this series at all, go check it out here.

Tokyo Ghoul: Ken Kaneki.

Tokyo Ghoul: Ken Kaneki.

Naruto + Pokemon = LOVE.

Naruto + Pokemon = LOVE.

Shōnen Things Gender-Bend Round 1: (Men to Women)

I feel like doing something different today so lets play a game of: Guess that Gender-Bender!!!!

That being said, have fun guessing which fandoms and character(s) these lovely ladies (once men) are! Some are easier to guess than others!

Try not to look at the tags!

Still in a Tokyo Ghoul spam mood because I’m psyched about the upcoming anime! Hmm… refer to earlier post if you want to read it before the anime comes around! It’s awesome!

What if:

  • Their parent’s hadn’t died
  • The Uchiha’s hadn’t planned for a coup
  • Itachi didn’t have to become a martyr
  • Obito lived
  • Rin lived
  • Kakashi was happy
  • Sasuke and Naruto grew up together, not alone
  • And everyone got to experience love first hand

What if all of that? What if…





Anyone Else A Noblesse Fan?

yep I restarted reading Noblesse

If you don’t know Noblesse, it’s an manwha that can be tagged like this :

#bishonen #badass #ridiculous #overthetop  #funny #complicated-plot #ramen

Ce découpage de merde. C’est juste illisible

tu parles des images au dessus (parce que c’est en effet un découpage de fan sans logique) ou du manwha (parce qu’au bout de 80 chapitres on s’y fait au style manwha-prévu-pour-lecture-sur-smartphone)

et puis de toute façon je pense que ça soit ciblé pour toi comme lecture

I didn’t pick and choose synchronized images on purpose. I chose my favorite scenes. But, antiath, it really is a good read.

*Je n’ai pas choisir des images synchronisées sur le but. J’ai choisi mes scènes préférées. Mais, antiath, c’est vraiment une bonne lecture.*

Gintama + Naruto cross-over.

Gintama + Naruto cross-over.