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All things Shōnen will forever be placed here! And I have a hefty collection. Some slash, some not, and everything in between. None of it is my own of course -though I could draw it if asked.

I want to highly recommend the above manga: Apocalypse no Toride.

Synopsis: The four boys at the top are our protagonist. They’re roommates in a juvenile detention center and they get along. Enter the zombie apocalypse right from the start. Now you’ve got a group of “at odds” juvenile delinquents, normal zombies, cultist, whatever the fuck those dog like things are, Bokor (the guy and the chick using the dead as a throne because that type of “zombie” is just that bad-ass), and seals… but not really seals. The oceaun will never be safe again.

So, if you’re if you’re up for a horror/shounen/action/mystery type of deal that has some comedy and some edge-of-the-seat-nail-biting splendor. Check this one out. I’ve been following it since it only had two chapters and I regret nothing.

Warning: Language, Blood, Gore, Violence, and Zombies.

Have fun! (The Link is the manga title!)

Akira Amano’s new One-Shot. Read Here.

Akira Amano’s

Read Akira Amano’s new manga Here .

"I’m not fit to be a detective. You are my son after all. Your eyes…look just the same as mine…when I was young…"

Ode to Gintama/Gin Tama.




(Kuroko no Basuke anime episode 39-50 ED replacement part)


2014! will be a great year for all fans of New PoT … Here I leave the trailer for the new OVA that will come for next year … just need to wait the departure